Angus Fay, the founder of MunchFit, shares the view that when it comes to achieving your fitness results, 70% is down to what you eat and 30% is the training you do. At MunchFit, we strive to be the tastiest 70% ever.

From humble beginnings delivering meals to a handful of customers in London, within three months we had our first major customer. After one year, in 2013, four of our founder customers, who loved the product, provided seed capital allowing the company to grow.

MunchFit produces hundreds of thousands of meals annually, employs a team of over 30 people and operates out of its own bespoke production kitchen in London. We stock our Strong, Balanced & Lean retail ranges in London’s premium gyms and select retailers. We offer customised meal plans for home delivery on subscription. We are the food & beverage partner for Equinox UK and feel privileged to operate MunchFit fitness cafés in each location.

Angus Fay, MunchFit founder


Sep. 2013
Our first customer came on board (thanks Steve!)
Dec. 2013
We started fueling Moore Capital, our first corporate customer
Aug. 2014
A handful of our customers chipped in with seed capital to grow
Bethnal Green kitchen
Oct. 2014
We moved into our very own kitchen in Bethnal Green
Team at Equinox gym
Sep. 2016
Our meals were first stocked at Equinox clubs
MunchFit café photo
Jul. 2017
We opened our first café at Equinox Kensington
Nov. 2017
Our meals became available at Planet Organic
Ocado partnership launch
Jul. 2018
Our partnership with online grocer Ocado went live
MunchFit meal boxes at door
Jun. 2020
We launched our meal plans subscription service
VA Black Logo
Jun. 2021
We launched our new Virgin Active partnership with national meal plan distribution


We are committed to using 100% fresh wholefood ingredients. You’ll find no nasties in our ingredients. We provide a range of high protein, low carb and good-fat options for those looking for lean muscle growth.

We choose ingredients for their functional role, as well as for their taste, look and feel. For example, we use cavolo nero because it’s a rich source of folate, essential for good energy. And we think the pomegranate seeds we use to garnish your salad provide a splash of colour, but they’re also packed with antioxidants that keep your brain from “rusting” prematurely.

MunchFit is also committed to providing you with highly bioavailable protein that’s easy to digest and used by the body to repair and regenerate itself. Our meals also contain a lower than average carb content and we use complex carbs which means they take longer to be metabolised into glucose (sugar) by the body making the meal more filling and less fattening.

Our carbs typically come from fresh greens, root vegetables and gluten-free wholegrains and seeds.

Many people think that fats are bad, but just as we have essential amino acids, we have essential fats.  Many of the ingredients in MunchFit meals help to ensure that you receive the quality fats you need, such as salmon, seeds and nuts.

Our recipes have been carefully crafted so that our meals have a low glycemic load (GL), the value that determines how quickly your body turns a meal into glucose. Low GL meals are ideal for those seeking sustained energy throughout the day and those aiming to reach or maintain their ideal weight.